Profile Stories

Meet Jeff Crawford

Jeff Crawford is Director of Marine Logistics at Neptune Bulk Terminals in North Vancouver.

Jeff grew up on the North Shore, and feels fortunate to have raised his own family here.  He joined Neptune in 1988, shortly after earning his Bachelor’s degree in economics and geography at UBC, so 2018 marks his 30th anniversary at the company.

Day-to-day, Jeff handles all aspects of shareholder and customer service activities and coordinates logistics planning to successfully ship the Canadian steelmaking coal and potash, as well as the phosphate rock that move through Neptune Terminals.  In his own words he says, “I enjoy the challenge of solving problems and providing opportunities for Neptune’s shareholder customers.”

As a Neptune employee, Jeff is proud of the company’s local community investment initiatives, particularly the support provided for youth and seniors organizations, and the commitment to North Shore business through the company’s “buy local program.”  One of his most resonating memories is of the time the waterfront industry community, led by Neptune, came together at the North Shore Waterfront Gala to raise funds to rebuild the Norgate Novaco Daycare – operated by North Shore Neighborhood House – after it burnt down in 2013.  “Our first family home was in the Norgate neighborhood and it meant a lot to me that the company I work for was involved in such a critical project for that community,” Jeff recalls.

Jeff gains further work satisfaction from leading community tours at the terminal. He enjoys meeting Neptune’s neighbors and sharing information that gives them an understanding of what Neptune does on the North Shore. He encourages anyone who is curious about the terminal to participate in a community tour, which is an excellent opportunity to meet our people, ask questions, and get up close to what happens at Neptune Terminals.

“Neptune is a world-class bulk terminal handling Canadian commodities that help feed people and build communities around the world. I am a proud Neptune employee. I bring passion to what I do every day, and feel very fortunate to live and work in the North Shore community.”

Meet Jurgen Franke

Jurgen Franke loves the North Shore. He’s lived here for 14 years and when he’s not working in his garden, he enjoys skiing at Cypress, biking and hiking with his family. While he’s no stranger to the community, he’s definitely a new face to Neptune Terminals. Having joined six months ago, he has been keeping busy as Neptune’s Engineering and Environment Manager.

“I’ve always wanted to work at Neptune Terminals,” he says. “The terminal always stood out as best in class in the industry.” He is proud to be a part of a team that keeps integrity, safety, the environment and the community top of mind.

There’s a lot that happens at Neptune and Jurgen is responsible for making sure that all the building and re-building is environmentally sound and safe. He is a key player in the review of the Low Level Road Overpass extension to ensure that it meets all environmental compliances and that meets terminal operating requirements, not just for the next five years, but for the next 50.

Environmental responsibility is a core value and part of Neptune’s culture, but it requires constant diligence. In addition to ensuring that Neptune’s operations adhere to all environmental regulations, Jurgen develops and renews Neptune’s environmental management system to make sure that all employees are trained, updated and informed.

In addition to participating in numerous audits and reviews (including the Green Marine program) “to make sure we are doing everything right,” Jurgen and his team participate in Climate Smart™, the North Shore Waterfront Liaison Committee and the Burrard Inlet Action Plan. He notes that Neptune is very proactive and continually aims to stay “one-step ahead” – an important characteristic in an industry that is constantly evolving.

Meet Brad Walker

Brad joined Neptune in October as the Vice President of Health & Safety. He hails from Saskatchewan, where he was the Senior Health and Safety Manager for the Mosaic Company, one of the world’s largest producers and marketers of concentrated phosphate and potash crop nutrients.

The entire management team at Neptune is committed to ensuring that safety is a core value of all our employees, as well as contractors and visitors at the terminal. We do this by promoting a culture of safety as our number one priority. It’s our belief that all injuries and incidents are preventable.

Neptune Terminals is considered an industry leader, and has one of the best safety records on the Vancouver waterfront. We achieve this by working closely with our employees to develop best practices, and by following rigorous safety regulations and standards. Our collective goal is to eliminate all injuries, occupational illnesses, unsafe practices and incidents of environmental harm from our activities. No work is ever so urgent or important that we cannot take the time to do it safely.

For nearly 50 years, Neptune has handled commodities like Canadian potash and steelmaking coal that help feed people and build new communities around the world. We are committed to making sure our operations are performed responsibly, and we take pride in our safety culture and performance.

Environmental Systems Specialist Stacy Bell


Stacy Bell is an environmental expert and competitive axe thrower who is passionate about water collection and treatment. As Environmental Systems Specialist with Neptune Terminals and one of the leaders of the company’s Green Marine program, Stacy ensures the optimal performance of Neptune’s wastewater treatment systems while continuously looking for opportunities to improve them.

I joined Neptune Terminals in early 2016 as Environmental Systems Specialist. What drew me to this field of work is the need to ensure we are always improving our environmental performance. And from the start of my career, proper wastewater treatment has been of particular interest. The reality is that the world doesn’t have enough consumable water for every person on this planet, so I wanted to learn as much as possible and play a part in cleaning water and reusing it.

Today I am certified as a level 3 wastewater treatment specialist, working towards the final level 4 certification. On a day-to-day basis at Neptune I make sure the wastewater treatment process is running perfectly for both the steelmaking coal and dry bulk systems – in other words potash. And I’m really proud that we are now re-using 200,000 litres of water each month, which reduces our consumption of new, municipal water.

I also help to lead our Green Marine program, which promotes good environmental management and information sharing between terminals and ports. The goal is for the industry as a whole to be pro-active and share information to maximize our environmental performance. This is a platform for staying ahead of the curve and continuously improving our systems, to ensure that every day we are doing what is best.

Working at Neptune has been the perfect opportunity for me, given that my values align so well with the mindset of continuous operational and environmental improvement. If there’s a better way to do something, Neptune will always do it.


Director of Community and Stakeholder Engagement Lisa Dooling

This March marks my three-year anniversary with Neptune Terminals. I was hired as Director of Community and Stakeholder Engagement, but I also handle all of Neptune’s internal and external communications. I prioritize Neptune’s information sharing with the community because I believe that information is key to understanding.

My job has many parts to it. The thing I enjoy most (especially as a North Shore resident myself) is all the people I get to meet and work with in the community. I have the chance to learn about and partner with so many amazing groups that provide programs and supports to North Shore residents. As a longstanding corporate member of the North Shore community, we support new projects and help connect people with one another.

One of the most rewarding things I get to do in my role is lead terminal tours around Neptune’s facilities. Whether it’s hosting our neighbours on community days, or taking out groups of students from Capilano University and local high schools, it makes me proud giving people a firsthand look at what we do. In 2018, we hosted 735 people on 35 different tours! Our tours provide us with a special opportunity to interact with North Shore residents and open up a meaningful dialogue about our operations.

I’m also very lucky that my job gives me the opportunity to volunteer with several organizations. I sit on the board of directors of North Shore Neighbourhood House and North Shore Community Resources, both of which provide supports to groups of all ages. I also recently joined the Port of Vancouver’s North Shore Waterfront Liaison Committee as an industry representative to bring local residents and municipalities together with the waterfront industry sector to share information and address local port-related issues.

Along with the environmental programs at our terminal that ensure Neptune operates with care for the local environment, one of the focuses of our community investment is supporting environmental initiatives that help keep the local air and water clean and contribute to sustainability. We also prioritize programs for children, vulnerable youth, families and seniors.  Generally speaking, our goal is to support a strong, healthy North Shore for all who live and work here.  I encourage anyone who has an idea that could contribute to these goals, or a question about our operations, to get in touch at