Dust Suppression (Spray Pole) System Upgrade Project

As part of our efforts to continuously improve our environmental performance, Neptune has applied to the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority for a project permit to replace and upgrade our spray pole system. These spray poles are an integral component of the dust suppression system on our steelmaking coal pile. Our site currently has a series of 12 spray poles, which are strategically located to create a water curtain around the coal storage area.

The proposed upgrade would replace 10 wooden poles with 13 new steel poles containing more nozzles to improve the crusting of the coal piles. Five of the new poles would be 43.9 m in height and strategically located to optimize the water coverage of the coal pile – further preventing coal dust from leaving our terminal site. The other eight new poles would be the same height as our existing spray poles. To find out more, read our recent community update.

The project permit application is currently under review with the port authority. For information regarding the port authority’s review of this project, please visit their project webpage. If you have any comments or questions for the port authority contact Patrick Coates, Senior Planner, at

To view the Public Consultation Summary and Consideration Report, please click here.

Rending photo of the new spray pole system from above Cloverly tennis courts.


Neptune Terminals is continually upgrading its terminal infrastructure as part of an ongoing commitment to improve the efficiency of our terminal, enhance our product handling equipment, and continue to meet our customers’ needs.

These improvements will allow us to upgrade much of the original terminal equipment with the best available proven technology for terminal environmental management, in addition to creating new jobs and providing new municipal tax revenues for the City of North Vancouver.

Recent terminal improvements include:

  • Low Level Road – Neptune/Cargill overpass
  • Removal of the onsite canola oil storage tanks
  • A steelmaking coal stacker reclaimer
  • A phosphate rock storage shed
  • A potash surge bin for managing the loading of potash onto ships
  • A potash railcar dumper
  • Potash berth and conveyor upgrades
  • Three ultra-low emission, low noise locomotives to move potash railcars
  • Automated electric railcar positioning equipment for our existing steelmaking coal railcar dumper
  • Rail track optimization
  • Power system upgrade


Steelmaking Coal Upgrades

In 2013, Neptune received permit approval from Port Metro Vancouver (PMV) to upgrade the terminal’s steelmaking coal system. The upgrade includes a second railcar dumper, additional conveyors, and replacement of the existing shiploader at Berth One.


An aerial view of Neptune’s site highlighting the Steelmaking Coal upgrades.