Buy Local

WSP Canada Inc. has been providing water supply and treatment services to municipalities across British Columbia for over 50 years. The company’s North Shore roots are deep; originally starting in 1965 as the firm DaytonKnight in West Vancouver, it eventually moved to the current North Vancouver location in 2003.

From urban and rural storm water, to wastewater and water supply projects, WSP Canada Inc. clearly knows water. “When you turn on the tap,” Walt Bayless, Project Manager for WSP Canada Inc. says, “chances are, we had something to do with it.” He adds that their staff has been involved with over 75% of the water that people drink in BC.

And if there’s one thing that everyone uses, it’s good old H20. Walt notes that people easily forget about water management because it’s not something that’s always seen, but the work WSP does has a huge impact on the cleanliness of the environment we live in, from the streets outside our homes, to industrial sites, to the beaches we play on and the oceans we swim in.

Walt says that while Neptune has its own dedicated staff making sure the terminal is always exceeding the standards set by its water system permits, WSP’s role is to help the company with a much larger component: infrastructure and water movement. This includes a continuous improvement program with Neptune ensuring that things like infrastructure upgrades, moving water around the site and water treatment is done safely and responsibly.

For nearly a decade, WSP Canada Inc. has helped Neptune manage its water. Walt adds that he and his colleagues are also a sounding board for Neptune, offering opinions and expert advice as the company pursues continues improvement. “We’ve built a strong foundation with Neptune,” he says. “We can share ideas easily and have a high degree of trust and understanding with each other.”

This long-standing relationship has been a great connection for the two North Shore businesses, both within and outside of work. Walt is an active member in the West Vancouver Field Hockey Club that Neptune also happens to sponsor. He stresses that buying local is “a huge return for the North Shore community” and believes that companies like WSP – as well as the local economy- benefit significantly when businesses like Neptune place a priority on local procurement.