Featured Local Suppliers

Ken Savage

ImPORTant Connections with Sacré-Davey at the North Vancouver Chamber

On June 26th, the North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce hosted ‘ImPORTant Connections’ – an event designed to connect local businesses with waterfront sector companies like Neptune Terminals.

At the event, Neptune connected with Ken Savage, a senior project manager at Sacré-Davey – a North Vancouver consulting engineering firm. Ken, who was born and raised in North Vancouver, commented: “We need companies operating here that emphasize safety, service, integrity, quality, and community. Buying locally and supporting local vendors helps us all and makes our community better for it.”

“It impressed me how much the waterfront businesses we met at the Chamber event emphasize the importance of community engagement. You don’t hear about it often in the news,” Ken notes.  “Sacré-Davey and Neptune, like other companies based on the North Shore provide local jobs and support local charities. I think it’s great. The Chamber event served to highlight the tightknit community that we’re lucky to be a part of.”

Les Hall Filter

Les Hall Filter, a full service distributor of industrial filtration products for water, building air (HVAC), engine air, fuel, oil, hydraulic systems and dust collection, is one of Neptune’s Buy Local partners. A North Shore company since 1959, Les Hall Filter is both a Neptune supplier and community partner, sharing an interest in supporting the North Shore waterfront industry. To Sales & Distribution President Jason Kean, support means collaboration between local businesses to keep jobs on the North Shore. “There needs to be jobs here for North Vancouver to thrive. And that means businesses coming together and taking care of each other,” says Jason. “If we can do business with people on the North Shore, we’ll choose that first.”

As two businesses focused on protecting the environment, the relationship between Neptune and Les Hall Filter is growing. If Neptune has an issue, or is interested in new filtration ideas, Les Hall Filter will visit the property to determine what is needed and what the best course of action is. “We’re always there to make sure they see all the angles, and know that we’re thinking of them in the long term,” says Jason.

Les Hall Filter has been on the North Shore for almost 60 years. There are 20 employees, the majority of which have been with the company for more than 15 years. In fact, the employees who take care of the Neptune account have been there since the beginning of our 20-year relationship, handling all types of water concerns, from safety and environmental protection to mobile equipment. Les Hall Filter takes care of air and water filtration for Neptune’s buildings, as well as water filtration for some of the water lines going through the terminal area that help keep the coal dust down.

In the five years since he and his partner bought Les Hall Filter, Jason has seen an increase in industrial businesses seeking cleaner diesel, lower sulphur fuels, better air filtration, and a renewed focus on keeping employees safe, even at a greater cost. “That’s what we do,” Jason says, “We clean the dirty stuff and make it better.” Their company is receiving more inquiries about what’s new or upcoming in filtration, and Les Hall is keen to bring new technologies to customers quickly. “I think that’s a trend that’s going to continue,” says Jason.

Neptune’s procurement manager, Brent Williston, is thankful to have a high volume supplier like Les Hall Filter, and appreciates the quality and consistency of the products and service. “Their fill rate is high, they have small percentage of variances and back orders and supply fast. Discrepancies are fixed no questions asked,” says Brent. “But beyond that, I also appreciate that they are very active in the North Van community and always participate in our United Way and Northshore Gala initiatives.”

Les Hall Filter also services hospitals, logging companies and small or large businesses with a wide variety of needs ranging from one filtration product to a thousand. They also clean filters to help reduce maintenance costs and minimize the environmental impact of throwing them away. For more information visit leshallfilter.com