Climate Smart

Neptune Terminals is committed to protecting the environment and minimizing the impact of our operations on the community. As a result of our pledge to continually measure and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, Neptune is recognized as a Climate Smart™ certified company. Climate Smart™ is an independent organization that works with businesses to help measure greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and plan for further emission reductions.

Overall Impact Since 2011

  • 3% reduction in absolute emissions
  • 21% reduction in emissions per tonne of cargo shipped
  • 27% reduction in natural gas use
  • 17% reduction in fuel use per tonne of throughput
  • 24% increase in throughput

Neptune has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 21% per tonne of cargo shipped. This has been achieved by investing in new terminal vehicles, replacement of aging boiler with new high efficiency model, programmable thermostats in buildings and improved building and pipe insulation to reduce heat loss.

We continue to work on minimizing our emissions by focusing on electricity, heat, transportation, staff engagement, paper consumption and waste. To read the Climate Smart™ case study on Neptune Terminals, visit their website.