Environmental Protection

Neptune Terminals is committed to protecting the environment and minimizing the impact of our operations on the community.

We try to balance conserving water use with keeping products on our terminal, we treat water before it leaves the site and we reduce noise as much as possible from our rail tracks. We are proud that our measures meet or exceed compliance with Port of Vancouver and the BC Ministry of the Environment’s standards.

All of our senior management are responsible for environmental management and sign our Environmental Policy.

EMS Scope: This EMS addresses environmental management of all of Neptune’s activities including the receiving, storage, loading, and management of bulk solid materials at 1001 Low Level Road in North Vancouver, BC, by all persons doing work under the control of Neptune.  The scope of the EMS considers the impacts of and to interested parties. This EMS also addresses all business conducted from the head office at #100-340 Brooksbank Avenue, North Vancouver, and from the warehouse at 525 N. Skeena Street, Vancouver, BC.

Read our Environmental Policy

Reducing our Impacts

We employ the latest technology on our mobile equipment to reduce emissions and minimize noise and light impacts on the community.

  • We use automated electric railcar positioning equipment, known as an electric indexer, as an alternative to using a locomotive for our coal railcars
  • Our N-ViroMotive engines are Ultra Low-Emission Technology locomotives used to move potash rail cars on Neptune’s loop tracks. This engine uses 25% less fuel, with lower noise and significantly less emissions.

We have been part of the North Shore for many decades and plan to contribute to the growth and prosperity of our community for many more to come. Learn more about the environmental protection measures Neptune Terminal’s takes for our products and the issues that concern our neighbours.