Environmental Systems for Products

Steelmaking Coal

  • A series of high water spray poles, strategically placed, surrounds the storage area to keep the steelmaking coal damp and minimize dust;
  • Water can be added to the steelmaking coal along the conveyor system to minimize dust as the steelmaking coal is moved on the site;
  • A water spray truck is used for mobile perimeter dust control;
  • A water collection system for on-site water treatment is used to collect and treat excess water before it leaves the terminal; and
  • A noise control silencer has been installed on the wet scrubber. A wet scrubber is used to reduce dust while rail cars are being unloaded.


  • An extensive network of dust collection equipment, including wet and dry scrubbers, is used to remove dust from the air at conveyor transfer points;
  • Water used in the dry bulk system is treated before entering the Metro Vancouver sewer system;
  • Our rail facility has an 180-metre-long (600 feet) trackside noise barrier and automatic track lubrication is used to reduce rail squeal; and
  • Flexible canvas shrouded cascade chutes are used at each ship loader to minimize dust as products are being loaded into the vessel.