Green Marine

Green Marine is a voluntary environmental program for the North American marine industry – ports, terminals and shipping lines.

As one of North America’s largest multi-product bulk terminals, Neptune Terminals is determined to lead by example.  In 2012, we were the first West Coast terminal in Canada to be certified by the organization.

Green Marine encourages participants to go beyond regulatory compliance and implement a process of continuous environmental improvement.  This is in keeping with Neptune’s values as a company, and contributes to our continued environmental leadership and excellence.

The Green Marine program provides ports and terminals with an action plan for addressing six key environmental issues. Companies must demonstrate measurable year-over-year improvement in these areas to maintain their certification.

  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Dry bulk handling and storage
  • Environmental leadership
  • Community impacts
  • Waste management
  • Prevention of spills and leakages


Reducing Our Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Footprint
In the case of reducing our greenhouse gas footprint (GHG), Neptune is committed to continual improvement and has been tracking our GHG footprint for numerous years now and have achieved a GHG emission intensity reduction of approximately 25% from 2005 to 2017 through various means such as investing in more energy efficient locomotives, terminal vehicles, building heating and lighting systems. Moving forward, Neptune is establishing a new baseline and a new energy reduction goal (consequently GHG reduction) consistent with the planned energy evaluation and reduction initiatives over the next five years.


Neptune and other participants complete a detailed annual self-evaluation. The results – which are reported publicly – determine our ranking for each performance indicator on a 1-to-5 scale. Level 1 constitutes the monitoring of regulations, while Level 5 indicates leadership and excellence.

Reports are independently verified through external audits every two years. In order to measure our success, Neptune also undergoes regular external audits of both our actual performance and our management systems, to help us continually improve.

In 2019, Neptune proudly achieved the following rankings from Green Marine, verified by an independent audit:

Scale of 1-5, with 5 representing leadership & excellence and 4 representing introduction of new technologies