Green Marine

Green Marine is a voluntary environmental program for the Canadian and American marine industry. In 2012, Neptune Terminals was the first west coast terminal in Canada to be certified by the organization.

Green Marine is an initiative aimed at implementing a marine industry environmental program throughout North America. The initiative encourages participants to go beyond regulatory compliance and implement a process of continuous environmental improvement that will help contribute to Neptune’s continued excellence and leadership.

The Green Marine program provides an action plan to address nine environmental issues areas. They are:

  • Aquatic invasive species
  • Air emissions
  • Greenhouse gases
  • Cargo residues
  • Oily waters
  • Community impact (noise, dust, or odours)
  • Environmental leadership
  • Waste management
  • Prevention of spills and leakages

In order to measure our success, Neptune has undertaken external audits of both our actual performance and our management systems to help us continually improve.

Green Marine’s 2015 Report Card on Neptune Terminals is posted on their website. Neptune Terminals performed well in the audit, and was awarded the top rating of five for excellence and leadership in three of the four categories measured – spill prevention, dry bulk handling and storage and community issues. We were one of only two terminals in the Green Marine program to receive this top ranking, demonstrating our continued environmental leadership.

As one of North America’s largest multi-product bulk terminals, the company is determined to lead by example.

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