Green Marine: The Green Stamp of Approval

Have you heard of Green Marine? If you have, then kudos to you! If not, then that’s ok, too – but, please read on!

Green Marine is a voluntary, environmental certification program for the North American marine industry. Since 2007, this program has helped almost 300 member organizations, like Neptune Terminals, proactively reduce their environmental footprint through specific, measureable actions.

The rigorous, two-step process starts with the participant’s self-evaluation, based on 12 performance indicators such as environmental leadership, GHG emissions, community impacts and spill prevention. The certification criteria is defined through a combination of industry best practices and working groups whose members include government agencies, engineers, consultants and environmental groups. Participants must also have their results verified by an accredited external firm and agree to update and publish their results annually.

“Neptune was an early adopter on the west coast for the Green Marine program,” said Eleanor Kirtley, West Coast Program Manager for Green Marine. “They continually perform very well in the program and were in the top 10% of all reporting terminals last year.”

So why does this matter? Well, Green Marine isn’t just for industry. “It’s a resource for the local community,” Kirtley notes. She encourages community members to visit the Green Marine website if they want to learn more about their local marine members’ operations. In fact, one of the performance indicators focuses on community impacts, ensuring companies like Neptune have formal communication channels to consult with local stakeholders.

“[Neptune] is really at the top of most of their performance indicators, but that doesn’t mean they rest on their laurels,” Kirtley added. “They continually implement new projects to further reduce community impacts and protect local air quality, among other environmental issues.”

Neptune is a proud participant of Green Marine. Visit for more information on the program.