Safety is our number one priority. We want to ensure that our employees return home to their families each night. To achieve this, we are committed to establishing, promoting and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace, creating an environment where people demonstrate a strong commitment to the safety, health and well-being of themselves and those around them.

Neptune Terminals follows stringent safety standards and is considered an industry leader on the Vancouver waterfront, having achieved one of the best safety records over the past seven years.

Every level of our management and supervisor teams has the prime responsibility to:

  • create and maintain an effective safety management system;
  • take all reasonable steps to protect the safety of all employees against work accidents and occupational health hazards;
  • comply with all relevant regulations and standards of governments, agencies, and other competent authorities respecting occupational health and safety;
  • give appropriate level of priority to safe working conditions, job safety training and enforcement of safe practices in planning, budgeting, direction and discharge or Neptune’s operations; and
  • formulate and carry out continuing effective safety initiatives suited to the conditions and hazards of the operation, where necessary adopting standards and practices in excess of legal and regulatory requirements.

It is the responsibility of every employee of Neptune Terminals to:

  • comply with health and safety regulations, policies and directives; and
  • report unsafe conditions and activities, and to work positively and cooperatively toward the prevention of accidents.

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