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Engage, Include, Empower


Neptune’s success is due in large part to our highly skilled and committed employees, and it’s hard to overstate how important it is that we recruit and retain the best team possible. With people having so many choices these days of where they work, a big part of retaining great employees like ours is ensuring people feel their work is about more than just the job.

What initially began as support for our longstanding United Way workplace campaign has over the years grown into something much bigger, with a fantastic group evolving into the Wellness and Engagement (WE) Committee. The committee has representation from each Neptune department, from accounting to maintenance.

The committee members’ goal is to promote well-being in all forms—physical, psychological, financial, social, and emotional—for their fellow Neptune employees by organizing events and providing resources that contribute to healthier lifestyles. Recent events include Pink Shirt Day, Movember and a learning session around Truth and Reconciliation. Of note, in 2022, the committee led employee campaigns for several charitable causes, raising a total of more than $82,000 for United Way BC - Lower Mainland Region, Movember and Family Services of the North Shore’s Christmas Bureau.

We are always on the lookout for great people—and the Neptune team is growing, with new opportunities being posted regularly. For team member Amina El mantari, “Working at Neptune is not just about the job—we get a real sense of community because we are involved in the causes that Neptune invests in and see how it all ties back to our team and our community.”