Community Update

Gently Down the Seymour: Zooming in on Science Education

Neptune Seymour

Field trips are a classroom favourite for many children, but the pandemic put a halt to most excursions over the last two school years. One of our community partners, the Seymour Salmonid Society, has responded in a most innovative way. Two virtual programs, one for primary and one for intermediate students, allow school kids to learn about the salmon in our local watersheds. Salmonids of the Seymour, for the younger group, describes the life cycle and predator/prey relationships for the five species of salmonids in the Seymour River. Healthy Streams, Healthy Salmon demonstrates the interconnectedness of the environment and the connection between salmon and the children’s own ecosystem.

This spring the team ran 55 workshops, focusing on the classes whose field trips had been cancelled. This fall, they have already done another 30 workshops; more than would be possible in person!

Ongoing support from Neptune has enabled this program to operate. Teachers and students have had only good things to say and are looking forward to when they can get back to field trips. Learn more at