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Keeping It Clean: Dust Suppression and Water Recycling


One of Neptune’s top priorities is ensuring the materials we transport are handled safely and stay within our terminal. The best way to control any dust generated by the steelmaking coal we work with is with water.

At our terminal we use:

  • Strategically places automated spray poles
  • Yard sprays, which are like large sprinklers
  • Water cannons, operated by hand
  • Water added along conveyor transfer points
  • Water sprays on our stacker reclaimers
  • A water truck to keep roadways clean
  • Mandatory wheel washes, at each entrance, which remove dust from wheels and the undercarriage of any vehicles leaving the site
  • A car rinse upon exiting the terminal

Neptune is committed to a safe and healthy environment for our terminal team, and nearby businesses and homes. All of our systems are consistently monitored for maximum efficacy. We also recycle water by cleaning and reusing it: in April alone, we recycled over 224,000 litres!