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Opening our Doors to the Workforce of the Future


For many years, Neptune Terminals has been offering tours of our facility to Capilano University business students who are studying Supply Chain Management and Logistics. This March, 40 students were able to learn about our operations and get up close to watch while products were being loaded onto bulk vessels. This mix of academic and real-world approaches has been the cornerstone of the third-year class taught by Azita Shafai, an Instructor at the School of Business at Capilano University where she specializes in International Business and Supply Chain Management.

“We’re grateful to Neptune for opening their facility to these students,” says Ms. Shafai. “By combining theory with practice we’re able to add so much more value to their education, and really demonstrate the wealth of opportunities available to them.”

Neptune Terminals continues to invest in our local North Shore university, and in the education of our students who will become our future workforce. Not only were the students able to ask questions and learn more about Neptune’s work, several were able to speak with senior leadership about future co-ops and job opportunities.