Community Update

Show your Local Love with United Way and Neptune Terminals

Community update show local love

United Way of the Lower Mainland believes that local love is key to creating the kinds of communities we all want to live in. Here at Neptune Terminals, we couldn’t agree more.

United Way of the Lower Mainland and Neptune Terminals are committing acts of local love through the Lower Lonsdale Community Project. Acts of Local Love projects serve to mobilize residents to address local issues such as affordability, isolation and vulnerability, and spark projects that benefit the community.

“We’ve been to schools, community lunches and city events to hear from North Shore residents about their concerns,” said Kim Winchell, Director of Social Impact at United Way of the Lower Mainland. “We’ve also talked to many of the organizations providing community service in the area. From there, we are supporting change through our Small Spark and Local Love Funds, which Neptune has generously contributed $50K in seed funding to. The initiatives the community has started have had immediate and long-lasting impacts.”

Photo courtesy of United Way of the Lower Mainland.

The funds have supported a variety of community-based projects. Seniors expressed mobility concerns on Lonsdale Avenue, so plans for bench installations along the street are now being explored. When parents at Queen Mary Elementary School raised the need for an after-school childcare environment, the funds will be supporting the development of a new program on school grounds, at no extra cost to parents that will be implemented after spring break. And when new Canadians said they wanted more opportunities to expand their English skills, the funds will serve to support a new community-led group for the practice of conversational English over coffee with local residents.

“We’ve made great strides and we’re looking to do even more in the next two to three years through the program,” said Winchell. “Neptune Terminals has been an amazing partner along the way. Neptune’s employees are involved in many ways from handing out hot chocolate at our community events to supporting our initiatives,” said Winchell. “They understand the importance of community betterment and they want to work towards our goal of a stronger and more connected community.”

Next time you see a United Way ambassador, show your local love and offer your voice to their project. Or, you can visit to fill out their online survey.

Want to get more involved? United Way of the Lower Mainland is always looking for new members of to add to their phenomenal team of 50-plus volunteers or you can apply for their Small Spark or Local Love Funds to make your community project a reality.