Community Update

Supporting Local Businesses


Neptune has always prioritized supporting locally owned businesses on the North Shore and the Sea to Sky corridor. From catering, fabrication and machining shops to engineering and security services, we work with our neighbors to contribute to a strong, healthy economy for our community. “When it comes to selecting local suppliers, we seek best value business relationships,” says Brent Williston, Manager, Procurement at Neptune. “Proximity matters in our supply chain; developing mutually beneficial business relationships with local suppliers is a natural fit for Neptune.”

One such business is Envirochem Services Inc. (Envirochem), a North Shore-based business since 1984. Envirochem has been working with Neptune for over 15 years and shares a strong commitment to safety, environmental responsibility and contributing to the local community. Envirochem’s work with Neptune focuses on innovative environmental solutions to support the health and sustainability of our local environment.

“Neptune’s local procurement policy has resulted in many mutual benefits,” says Tony Di Nino, one of the Senior Partners at Envirochem. “Being close means being flexible and able to respond quickly to community inquiries like onsite indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring needs. This in turn creates more opportunity for face-to-face interaction and working together to foster innovation.” Envirochem supports Neptune’s community priorities like the North Shore Waterfront Gala, Movember and support for the United Way. Additionally, they work with local Indigenous groups through environmental mentorship and employment opportunities, and donations to support youth education.