Community Update

The Bees Are Back!

Open Graph Bees

We are absolutely ‘buzzing’ with joy to be able to support the re-establishment of two hives containing about 20,000 bees each, at Loutet Farm. Honeybees play a critical role in agriculture and nature, and these tiny travellers can pollinate up to five kilometers away from their hive!

“It was really sad when the bees didn’t make it through the winter and we had no funds to replace the hives,” says Claire McGillivray, head of the Edible Garden Project at Loutet. “We need the bees as our ‘gateway pollinator’ to educate our visitors, and our winter squashes needed pollination too!”

Jessie Collinson, an urban beekeeper with Alvéole, the company responsible for installing and maintaining the hives, says that while the pollination and honey are important, the bees play an even bigger role in education. As longtime supporters of the Edible Garden Project at Loutet Farms, Neptune saw a natural fit to support the farm with the installation of the colonies.