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Youth in Action

June Newsletter Youth in Action

Youth sports are a joyous and integral part of growing up, particularly on the North Shore. Playing sports — particularly team sports — teaches cooperation, perseverance, respect, friendship and so many other values at a young age. At Neptune we have been contributing to our community for years to make sure that sports are accessible to all who wish to play. We provide support to teams or age group divisions for nine different leagues:

  • Highlands Little League
  • Lynn Valley Little League
  • Mount Seymour Little League
  • North Shore Baseball Association
  • North Shore Twins Baseball
  • West Vancouver Field Hockey Club
  • North Vancouver Minor Hockey Association
  • North Shore Girls Soccer Association
  • North Vancouver Football Club

Our funding tends to support younger players, notably through contributions to the cost of uniforms, field and coaching fees. We believe this helps make sports less expensive for families, so kids can have more opportunities to play. We also invest in youth sports through Athletics for Kids and KidSport North Shore, which provide grants that help families cover the cost of sport registration fees.