Community Update

Building Ecosystems for North Shore Salmon

June Newsletter North Shore Salmon

The North Shore Streamkeepers have been working in and around Lynn Creek for years to protect crucial salmon spawning, rearing and transition habitats. In 2018 the Society enhanced a side channel in the creek to support juvenile salmon, and now, five years on, the same channel needs attention again. One of the most important things for salmon are safe zones in which to rest and feed. Lynn Creek tends to have “fast” water that can dry up in hotter months. This project will ensure year-round water to increase the area where salmon can rest and feed.

“By creating more habitat, we will set salmon, notably juvenile salmon, up for survival,” says Glen Parker, a Board Member with the North Shore Streamkeepers. “With funding from Neptune and other community partners, we are further enhancing the water flow to the side channel of the island. We will install a structure consisting of logs and boulders known as an ‘engineered log jam.’ This will divert water from the main creek to support the side channel ecosystem.”

Other future enhancements will focus on the Lynn Creek Estuary and aid the salmon in the transition from salt to fresh water (and back again), another critical type of habitat that salmon need to thrive.

“Environmental stewardship is a core value for Neptune, especially in areas like Lynn Creek which are so close to our operations,” says Lisa Dooling, Director, People & Community at Neptune. “We remain committed to supporting important initiatives like the side channel to protect our environment for generations to come.”