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Human Relations & Labour Relations = A Dynamic Duo

HR LR Profile

Neptune is a significant employer in North Vancouver, with operations that have grown substantially over the past few years, and new team members to go along with this. We recently welcomed two individuals into the Neptune family. Yvonne Lo joined us just a few months ago as a dedicated Human Resources (HR) Manager and Taylor Dong joined as Labour Relations (LR) Manager in October of last year.

Both Yvonne and Taylor have strong backgrounds in their areas of expertise. Yvonne has continued to apply her knowledge and skills gained from the industries she previously worked in, including engineering and film and TV. “The same principles apply here,” she confirms. “My job is to listen to our employees, who are highly valued, and I’m working hard to ensure their HR needs are met.” One of her current projects is evaluating benefits to ensure they meet staff needs for health and well-being. This includes things like a fitness reimbursement program, maternity and parental leaves, and options for wellness care, such as bringing in speakers on topics of
interest to the team.

Taylor—who has been involved in waterfront labour relations for many years—is leveraging his experience and skills to begin streamlining procedures and administrative work. “Being based at the terminal means I can integrate myself across several departments and ensure strong working relationships with our unionized workforce. They are important team members doing a lot of the key work in our operations and maintenance departments.”

Neptune is a proud supporter of both Movember and United Way BC. Taylor looks forward to taking on an expanded role in these causes, and other initiatives that support the well-being of Neptune’s staff and the local community. Yvonne has her eye on the Sun Run next year. She plans to start a running club as part of her participation on the employee wellness and engagement committee.