Community Update

ImPORTant Connections with the North Vancouver Chamber

Community update important connections2

On June 26th, the North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce hosted ‘ImPORTant Connections’ – an event designed to connect local businesses with waterfront sector companies like Neptune Terminals.

At the event, Neptune connected with Ken Savage, a senior project manager at Sacré-Davey - a North Vancouver consulting engineering firm. Ken, who was born and raised in North Vancouver, commented: “We need companies operating here that emphasize safety, service, integrity, quality, and community. Buying locally and supporting local vendors helps us all and makes our community better for it.”

“It impressed me how much the waterfront businesses we met at the Chamber event emphasize the importance of community engagement. You don’t hear about it often in the news,” Ken notes. “Sacré-Davey and Neptune, like other companies based on the North Shore provide local jobs and support local charities. I think it’s great. The Chamber event served to highlight the tightknit community that we’re lucky to be a part of.”