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Meet Neptune CEO Claus Thornberg

Claus thornberg1

I’m very pleased to have this opportunity to introduce myself to you, Neptune’s neighbours on the North Shore.

A few months ago, I joined both Neptune as President and the North Shore as a resident. In just a short time, the company and community have made strong first impressions.

At Neptune, it became quickly apparent that everyone who works here has a very strong commitment to being a good neighbour. Many of our people live in the local area and everyone genuinely cares about doing a good job and making positive contributions to the North Shore.

The company is also very connected. From Day 1, I’ve had so much positive feedback from Neptune’s business and community partners, peers in the waterfront industry sector, and those who have attended various functions like our summer community tours.

I absolutely love the diversity of the community. I’ve travelled to quite a few places and worked elsewhere in the world. I’m Danish with an extensive background in marine shipping throughout Europe (I also have some Canadian seasoning; I spent the last three years in Alberta working for a Canadian energy company). I can attest that the North Shore is truly unique. We are so lucky to have two strong First Nations, thriving small businesses and large companies, world-class tourist destinations and a university whose programs attract students from near and far. I recently settled in the Lower Lonsdale area and am enjoying the great mix of outdoor activities – especially the local trails – food and cultural offerings.

My goals for Neptune are simple. The terminal has operated safely and responsibly in North Vancouver for 50 years. My focus is to build on that track record and ensure our long-term prosperity for another 50 years.

The bar for environmental and safety management continues to get higher and we can’t waver from our focus on ensuring our impacts never exceed our benefit to society. To operate here we must continue to earn the community’s trust. We will do that by being open and honest in our communication and informative about our operations and the products we ship.

We will also continue to support organizations in our community that look after our more vulnerable residents and provide programs that help young people and the environment to thrive. Interestingly, private and corporate citizens in Canada are much more directly engaged in society than in Denmark. People here see it as their responsibility to contribute through volunteerism and charitable contributions, rather than exclusively relying on government to provide everything and solve all problems. This is something I hope to build on in my role because I believe each of us has something unique to offer the community.

As both president and resident, I hope to contribute to the community and to collaborate with others to find solutions to local issues that will ensure the long-term vibrancy and prosperity of the North Shore for all who live and work here – which I can now proudly say includes myself.