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North Vancouver waterfront becomes a classroom for local students

Community update waterfront classroom

North Vancouver’s waterfront is home to many of the businesses that make up the Port of Vancouver and plays a vital role in the efficient, reliable and sustainable movement of goods, including Canadian exports and many imported goods we rely on in our day to day lives. This important stretch of shoreline also serves as a classroom for local Grade 5 students.

Neptune is a proud sponsor and participant in The Working Waterfront Education Program, which gives students a hands-on learning experience at Canada’s largest port and allows them to explore the waterfront outside the classroom.

“We’re delighted to host this program and tour students through our working waterfront,” said Roxie Giles, a retired teacher who leads the program. “We designed the program to highlight the Port’s operations and its role in Canada’s economy, and the students’ excitement for this type of active learning is really inspiring.”

Social Studies is a key focus of the Grade 5 curriculum. Students are learning about geography, industry, trade and transportation as well as Canada’s natural resources and community development. The Working Waterfront Educational Program, available to no charge to schools in School District 44, is a fun and immersive way for students to gain knowledge about the importance of North Shore waterfront industries to their community and how these companies connect North Vancouver to countries around the world.

After a classroom session with Roxie Giles, students get to experience a harbour boat tour with guest speakers from various companies who can talk first-hand about port operations. A classroom visit from a local waterfront employee rounds out the program.

Neptune Terminals is a proud sponsor of the Working Waterfront Educational Program alongside Allied Shipbuilders, Chemtrade Logistics, ERCO Worldwide, Univar Canada, Vancouver Pile Driving and Western Stevedoring.

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