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Potash: Nourishing the World

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Canpotex is one of the world’s largest suppliers of potash overseas, and for more than 40 years it has relied on Neptune Bulk Terminals to ship its bulk fertilizer through the Port of Vancouver. Canpotex markets and exports Saskatchewan potash to over 40 countries around the world on behalf of its shareholders, Nutrien and Mosaic.

Potash is a non-toxic, naturally formed grouping of potassium rich salt minerals, used mainly in agriculture as a fertilizer, helping increase the per-acre yield of crops. Less commonly, potash is also used as an industrial ingredient. Canada—specifically, Saskatchewan—has the largest and richest potash resources in the world.

Canpotex has access to four marine terminals to help deliver its potash. However, the majority of its potash is shipped from Saskatchewan via railcar to Neptune’s terminal where it

is is loaded on to vessels destined for overseas markets like Indonesia and India. Neptune has annual throughput capacity of approximately 11 million metric tonnes (MT) and 230,000 MT storage capacity.