Community Update

Celebrating CapU’s 50th Anniversary with President Paul Dangerfield

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This year, Neptune is excited to be sharing our milestone 50th anniversary with one of our long-term partners in the community, Capilano University. We recently sat down with Capilano University President, Paul Dangerfield, to talk about our shared history and values, the future of the University and why he thinks the North Shore community is a crucial part of CapU’s identity.

“The support, guidance and opportunities that the North Shore has provided for employees and alumni has influenced us and is a big part of who we are,” said Dangerfield. “When businesses and organizations are integrated with the community, they contribute to its well-being and prosperity. That influences what we do now and what we want to do in the next 50 years.”

North Shore partnerships are “absolutely critical” to the university’s longevity, says Dangerfield. “Partnerships allow us to celebrate local success on the North Shore. We don’t have to look across the bridge – we’re a big enough community that we can support and sustain one another.”

“Being part of a sustainable community also means giving back to that community, which is why we’re excited to partner with a company like Neptune who also shares that value. Our staff and students are always looking for ways to give back. In planning for the next 10 years, we ask ‘what does the community need from us?’”

Neptune Terminals has a long history of supporting Capilano University students through both funding and learning opportunities. We are excited to continue this support and partnership as the premier sponsor of CapU’s 50th anniversary celebrations