Community Update

Supporting Healthy Oceans with Pollution Tracker

Community update pollution tracker

Understanding the impacts of human and industrial activity on the marine environment is very important to Neptune Terminals as a marine shipping terminal.

We’ve recently partnered with Pollution Tracker, an initiative within the Coastal Ocean Research Institute at Ocean Wise. We are excited to be providing funding for a testing site immediately adjacent to our terminal, which is one of over 50 sites along the BC coast that are part of an ongoing project to collect data on ocean pollution in BC.

Pollution Tracker takes samples of mussels and sediment in order to measure and document levels of more than 400 potential contaminants including pharmaceuticals, pesticides, PCBs, metals and more. Their goal is to support a healthy coastline by shaping best practices, responses and remediation.

Pollution Tracker has been doing this work since 2015. Its continued success relies on collaboration with partners from all sectors in BC including First Nations, port authorities and related businesses like Neptune, community groups and government agencies.

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