Construction Update

Construction Update - Steelmaking Coal System Upgrades

Construction Update Aug 19

Neptune has made some significant progress on the construction of its steelmaking coal system upgrades:

  • The dust suppression system upgrade is nearly complete and will be operational later this year. We have increased the number of nozzles spraying mist from 36 to 220! The new system will maximize coverage of the steelmaking coal stockpile and further enhance our ability to prevent dust from leaving our site, particularly during high wind events. It will also be fully automated to optimize water usage.
  • Our steelmaking coal system is also being upgraded with a new stacker-reclaimer, to be installed alongside the existing stacker which was added to the site in 2013. Both were built right here in BC. Keep an eye out for it when you’re near Low Level Road—you can’t miss the bright blue and yellow. This capital investment not only puts money back into BC’s economy but will help Neptune handle steelmaking coal more quickly and efficiently. With added dust suppression equipment, it will also help reduce environmental impact.
  • Our pile driving activities, necessary for the site upgrades we have made over the past two years, are just about done. Although we have used a vibratory hammer whenever possible to reduce noise, we know this can be disruptive, and we thank our neighbours for their patience and understanding. The majority of pile driving activity is complete with just minor pieces of work that will be required during the fall months