Community Update

Continuous Improvement - Excellence in Safety and Environmental Management

Brad and Tennoy

Neptune has recently reorganized to combine leadership of its environmental group under Vice President Health & Safety, Brad Walker, who now becomes Vice President Environment, Health & Safety. Brad joined Neptune in 2017 from The Mosaic Company in Saskatchewan, and prior to the potash industry, he also worked in oil and gas. His career in diverse areas of business including capital projects, operations and maintenance, health and safety and environment has brought unique insight to Neptune’s risk reduction journey.

Over the past five years, Neptune has made tremendous strides to fully embrace a culture of safe operation. Key to this has been the close and productive relationship with the joint health and safety committee and the focus on reducing risk and workplace injuries. Everyone who works at Neptune shares a common value – that we all go home safely to our families every day. The road map for safety excellence will now be applied to Neptune’s already strong environmental management. As Brad says, “success in safety has been about creating systems that enable everyone at Neptune to achieve repeatable results and build on that to continuously improve. Neptune’s environmental performance is already very strong, and everyone who works here is focused on our responsibility to mitigate the impact of our operations everyday. I look forward to working with the team to identify opportunities to keep doing better and further reduce our carbon footprint.”

To help the environmental team, Neptune has hired Tennoy Robinson as an intern. As a recent graduate in Environmental Studies, he will undertake a four-month monitoring and assessment exercise to identify where improvements can be made. “Having a designated monitor will bring a fresh set of eyes and subject matter expertise,” Brad confirms. Tennoy joins Stacy Bell, our longtime Environmental Specialist. The team is also expanding this fall to include an Environmental Manager who will be able to integrate Stacy and Tennoy’s insights.

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