Community Update

Featured Local Supplier: EnviroChem

Community update envirochem

EnviroChem has been a proud, Canadian-owned environmental consultancy that’s been operating in North Vancouver for more than 30 years. Their multi-disciplinary team of engineers, scientists, project managers, and technologists create innovative environmental solutions that ensure focus on the health and sustainability of our local environment.

Neptune is committed to protecting all aspects of the environment and minimizing the impact of our operations on the community, and we have a long history of collaborating with Envirochem on many environmental management projects.

Specifically, Envirochem is involved in a comprehensive air quality monitoring and management program for Neptune’s site. To manage air emissions, operate well within permit levels and ensure our operations have no negative impact on the surrounding community, Neptune has instituted various procedures to measure emissions and monitor air quality.

If contacted by a community member who has a concern, Neptune will follow up and provide EnviroChem’s services to investigate and determine whether the issue is linked to Neptune operations. Neighbours with questions or concerns about operations at Neptune, are encouraged to contact us at or 604-983-7935.

Finally, if you’re interested about EnviroChem and the environmental services they provide to Neptune and other local companies, visit their website at