Community Update

The Perennial Community Impact of the Edible Garden Project

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The Edible Garden Project, run by the North Shore Neighborhood House is firmly established as a perennial initiative on the North Shore, created in 2005 by a group of people passionate about the potential for improving access to local food.

With over 200 volunteers, seven seasonal staff and three core staff, team members work on providing fresh produce and a venue for people of all ages to get outside and connect with fellow gardeners.

“It’s so much more than a garden,” says Lisa Hubbard, Executive Director of the North Shore Neighbourhood House. “Whether you have a language barrier, a mental or physical disability, you’re eight or 80 or just want to get outdoors and out of your high-rise, there’s something for everyone and every ability.”

Photo courtesy of the Edible Garden Project.

Claire McGillivray, Manager of the Edible Garden Project reflected on one success story from the project that continues to reaffirm her dedication to the garden.

“One of our older volunteers was a refugee fleeing political persecution in his home country,” she says. “When he joined the Edible Garden project he was quiet, shy and didn’t speak any English.”

“This gentleman was tasked with getting produce ready for market, and through that task he was able to meet others from the North Shore and practice his English skills,” said McGillivray. “He has found a community through the Edible Garden project and it’s been immensely gratifying seeing him flourish. He also does the most beautiful flower arrangements!”

Neptune Terminals has been a proud supporter of the project from its inception. “Neptune has been our champion,” said Hubbard. “Their staff tilled our soil back in 2005, they fundraise, they promote our initiative and their support continues to go above and beyond.”

Photo courtesy of the Edible Garden Project.

“Neptune is also a problem-solver,” said Hubbard. “They had a tree on their property that needed to be removed. They called us and offered to create and donate garden beds, benches and tables that were all made from that tree. We never asked for these items but they saw a need and filled it.”

If you want to support the Edible Garden Project, as a volunteer or through donated garden tools, please visit They also host regular community events so be sure to check out their calendar!