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Employee Profile: Lisa Dooling

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This March marks my three-year anniversary with Neptune Terminals. I was hired as Director of Community and Stakeholder Engagement, but I also handle all of Neptune’s internal and external communications. I prioritize Neptune’s information sharing with the community because I believe that information is key to understanding.

My job has many parts to it. The thing I enjoy most (especially as a North Shore resident myself) is all the people I get to meet and work with in the community. I have the chance to learn about and partner with so many amazing groups that provide programs and supports to North Shore residents. As a longstanding corporate member of the North Shore community, we support new projects and help connect people with one another.

One of the most rewarding things I get to do in my role is lead terminal tours around Neptune’s facilities. Whether it’s hosting our neighbours on community days, or taking out groups of students from Capilano University and local high schools, it makes me proud giving people a firsthand look at what we do. In 2018, we hosted 735 people on 35 different tours! Our tours provide us with a special opportunity to interact with North Shore residents and open up a meaningful dialogue about our operations.

I’m also very lucky that my job gives me the opportunity to volunteer with several organizations. I sit on the board of directors of North Shore Neighbourhood House and North Shore Community Resources, both of which provide supports to groups of all ages. I also recently joined the Port of Vancouver’s North Shore Waterfront Liaison Committee as an industry representative to bring local residents and municipalities together with the waterfront industry sector to share information and address local port-related issues.

Along with the environmental programs at our terminal that ensure Neptune operates with care for the local environment, one of the focuses of our community investment is supporting environmental initiatives that help keep the local air and water clean and contribute to sustainability. We also prioritize programs for children, vulnerable youth, families and seniors. Generally speaking, our goal is to support a strong, healthy North Shore for all who live and work here. I encourage anyone who has an idea that could contribute to these goals, or a question about our operations, to get in touch at