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Love For Our Local Trails

Love for Local Trails

One of the North Shore’s most popular trails begins at Hyannis Drive, right near the home of Jonathan Unrau, Safety Manager at Neptune. Like most North Shore trails, it’s popular with bikers, hikers and dogs. Recently Jonathan was hosing down his driveway when a mountain biker expressed his envy—the cyclist lived in an apartment, and couldn’t take his muddy bike through the lobby, so he’d have to take it to a car wash or find a local hose. In a generous act of community kindness, Jonathan and his sons Dawson (7) and Bowen (4) have now set up two bike washing stations and one dog wash, outside their home near the trail head. The boys have even received donations for their own mountain bike fund. All of those mucky pups and splattered bikes are going home a lot less muddy thanks to Jonathan’s gesture.