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Neptune Terminals Earns Perfect Score in 2020 Green Marine Rankings

Neptune Web 2021 Green Marine Green Marine

Neptune is the only terminal to achieve this ranking in 2020 (and one of only four including ports and seaways). Doing so takes significant team energy and commitment, as well as the dedication of resources. To achieve the highest marks on the Green Marine 1-5 scale Neptune had to:

  • Achieve an annual average reduction in GHG intensity of ≥1%;
  • Implement a documented Preventive Inspection and Maintenance Program and perform regular spill response exercises;
  • Conduct a detailed analysis of the loading, unloading and handling process;
  • Use enclosed conveyors or chutes and telescoping arm loaders, operate in a closed circuit, and use dust suppression equipment;
  • Continuously sample noise and air emissions;
  • Be actively involved in local community organizations and implement proper communications channels;
  • Implement an environmental management system;
  • Have a replacement policy for converting the fleet of road vehicles to more environmentally friendly technologies; and,
  • Demonstrate continual achievement in waste diversion and reduction at source.

Neptune won’t be resting on its laurels in 2021 and beyond; to maintain Level 5 requires continual improvement. We are dedicated to maintaining this standard and will continue to make environmental performance a top priority for the organization.

“Huge congratulations go to Neptune!” said David Bolduc, Green Marine’s executive director. “As anyone familiar with our program well knows, this is no easy feat with Green Marine continually raising the bar to address new issues and to ensure that all five levels of the program’s criteria are sufficiently demanding beyond changing regulations.”