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We’re pleased to report that Neptune Terminals has made significant progress towards the completion of our steelmaking coal system upgrade, with all major equipment now delivered and on site. You can’t miss our new stacker reclaimer (pictured on the right coming under the Lion’s Gate bridge) on the east side of our steelmaking coal yard at our North Vancouver terminal.

Just like our other stacker, it was designed by EMS Teck in Ontario and built right here in B.C. by Ramsay Machine Works and United Engineering in Victoria. It weighs over 1,200 tonnes! As the name suggests, this machine serves two functions: it stacks coal onto the stockpile to await loading onto ships, then the massive bucket loader at the end of the stacker reclaimer’s 45-metre boom scoops up coal and deposits it onto a conveyor belt to feed the shiploader at the dock.

The new shiploader (pictured above) will replace one of our two existing steelmaking coal shiploaders at our Berth 1. This new equipment—used to load steelmaking coal directly into the holds of ships—means we can load large Capesize ships more efficiently, as we don’t need to move the shiploader up and down the dock to reach all the ship’s holds.