Community Update

Community Partner Highlight: Youth Unlimited

Youth Unlimited

Neptune has developed a new partnership with the North Shore chapter of Greater Vancouver Youth Unlimited, a part of the global group, Youth Unlimited, which has been making a difference in the lives of youth since the early 1940s. Today’s youth are facing unprecedented challenges and this is being seen in increased anxiety and depression, which can lead to long-term issues. On the North Shore the Youth Unlimited team runs a mobile drop-in, now modified for COVID-19, that travels to different schools and offers youth a safe and supportive place to express themselves creatively, have a snack, go for a walk with a mentor, or just simply be.

Andrew Chong, who leads Youth Unlimited on the North Shore says, “The investment from Neptune has a huge impact; we use the funds for essential things like fueling our Winnebago, buying snacks for the kids, and even subsidizing weekend retreats.” The need for youth support is only growing. Kyla, a Grade 11 student says, "When there’s so much homework, drama, and personal life problems all happening at once, it just feels amazing to sit around with friends and youth workers—to play games, to have snacks, to make new connections, or to just socialize.”