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Green Marine Certified

Stacy green marine award 2018

Neptune Terminals has just had its Green Marine certification renewed for the 12th consecutive year. Participation in this voluntary program enables us to learn from others in our industry and benchmark our performance against marine terminals throughout North America. External accreditation of our environmental management system ensures that Neptune maintains the highest possible environmental standards.

Green Marine’s North American environmental certification program is rigorous, transparent and goes beyond regulations to encourage companies in the marine sector to reduce their environmental footprint.

As one of the top performers across the board, Neptune received leadership marks in greenhouse gases, dry bulk storage, community impacts, environmental leadership and spill prevention. In the area of waste management and recycling, we strive to operate at an above-average level, while working with our suppliers to advance the industry’s capabilities.

Neptune employs a team of three full-time environmental staff and regularly engages external auditors to identify gaps and areas for improvement.

“Neptune Terminals not only excel in their own performance, but they push their peers to improve overall industry performance,” says Eleanor Kirtley, Senior Program Manager at Green Marine. “They are community focused, forthright and very engaged about who they are and what they do.”